If there's anything I can do to give you a hand, just let me know. Check the to do list to see what's open as far as reviews and graphics. General questions are always open though. I'm just an ask away! Also, I am very obviously not Idris Elba. Just a fan of that glorious face.

Everybody Wants
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Hello, yes

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA. Got a new job, and I’ve been training for it. Still training actually, but I had today off. So I guess this is sort of a hiatus. Once the job starts I’ll only be working three days a week, so I should be baaaack~

When I do get back, I’m thinking of making a new rp, so question. RP based off ‘How to be a Heartbreaker’ by Marina or SUPERHEROES?

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Darken Glitter Theme

Live Preview xDownload x

This theme contains:
Dashboard Image - 60px;
6 Custom Links;
Player Links Under Dashboard Image;
Custom Posts Width - 400px ou 500px;
Dashboard Background as Option;
Please, like or reblog this post if using. Thank you.
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The Ginger Helper: Genre Help: Horror


Hey, y’all! How’s that writing coming along?

Today in Genre Help, I’ve compiled a list of links to help further understand and write HORROR (Wiki page definition). (With some appropriate music~ X)





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Does anyone have a basic Roleplaying 101 sort of guide? I thought I favorited it, but I can’t seem to find it.

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Pitch is back and he’s badder than ever. Knowing that the Guardians alone aren’t enough to quell the threat, the Moon picks three mortals from across time and space to help. However, a dragon tamer with one leg, a princess armed with a frying pan, the literal incarnation of Jack Frost, and an fiesty Scottish woman are going to have a lot to learn if they’re going to save anyone. 

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THEME 02: LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN: This theme was basically for kat who wanted a two sidebar theme but still easy to navigate
Live preview: version 1 | version 2
Code: version 1 | version 2
Everything is customizable
Up to 15 links 
Two sidebar images: 250 x 600px
Post width: 500px
Reblog and like button
Option to show tags
Option to have a 2nd description
Show/hide captions
Option to show Monochrome posts 
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» [#19] Lifestream

400/500px posts
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THEME 027 - SNOWFLAKE FALLS↳ download / raw code / freetexthost / livepreview

In which I make a Christmas holiday theme. This one is a lot like 025, but still a bit different. It has a lot of new customization options as well as 18 different colors. Also, I’m fully aware that 26 is the number after 25, but there seems to be some issues with the theme I designed to be number 26, so I’m releasing this one first.
option for falling snow
blog title shown over sidebar image
five extra navigation links (how to add more)
info in boxes below posts
several different timestamp options
tags beside posts when you hover
option to hide/show photo post captions
option to hide/show video and audio post captions
separate text, links, bold, and italic colors for sidebar and posts
default colors are holiday themed
sidebar image width is 200px
Right now, my themes askbox is closed, but when it reopens you are welcome to send any questions in. I’ll be on break until late January starting 12/15, so I should be better about answering those. :-)
Note: Designed on Google Chrome.
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